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Notice: CleanTelligent is closed during the following holidays:
New Year's Day
Observed Monday January 2nd in 2023
Memorial Day
Monday, May 29th
US Independence Day
Tuesday, July 4th
Labor Day
Monday, September 4th
Thanksgiving Day
Thursday, November 23rd
Observed December 22nd - 25th in 2023

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      Upcoming Maintenance

      Dashboard Maintenance

      Start Time: December 15th at 7 PM Mountain Time
      End Time: December 16th at 7 AM Mountain Time

      Business Intelligence Dashboards will be undergoing scheduled maintenance Friday, December 15th starting at 7:00 PM Mountain Time and will be unavailable until Saturday, December 16th. The rest of CleanTelligent Software will be unaffected by the maintenance and users will still be able to log in, perform inspections, manage work orders, run reports, and manage their accounts as usual.

      We expect the maintenance to be completed around 7:00 AM Mountain Time on Saturday, December 16th.

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        Send us feedback about any Otuvy product, connect with the community, upvote and track the progress of popular feature requests, and review our changelog all from our new canny portal at https://otuvy.canny.io 
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